The Areios Pagos
        stony hill in Athens with blurred people sitting and standing on it
        in the background. The sun is setting.
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Face of Dionysis smiling
                brightly, slightly unshaved and with messy hair with the sun in his
                back, a black t-shirt, and wearing white headphones

Dionysis Zindros

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Hey. I'm Dionysis. I like building software, computer security and cryptography. I hold a PhD from the University of Athens where I am currently a researcher working with Prof. Aggelos Kiayias. My research interests include blockchains and cryptocurrencies and I'm particularily interested in superlight blockchains.

In the past, I co-founded OpenBazaar and worked at deviantART, Twitter and Google. I've taught about git, security, crypto, blockchains, and the web.

I live in the magnificent city of Athens in Greece.

I hope we can use cryptography and political code on the Internet to build systems which are beneficial to all and owned by no one. Genuine relationships, valuable ideas and skills can grow in a digital anarchy environment where people are valued more than transactional exchanges. I dislike authority and discrimination.

I also enjoy learning, teaching, flying airplanes ✈️, sailing sailboats ⛵, traveling outside and inside 👽, loving friendships ❤️, playing music 🎶.