Dionysis Zindros

Dionysis Zindros

Post-doc at Stanford Blockchains and Financial Cryptography

I'm a post-doc research scholar at Stanford. I work with David Tse at the Department of Electrical Engineering. I spend my time between Palo Alto and magnificent Athens in Greece. I'm from Ioannina, Greece.

I enjoy learning, teaching, general aviation, sailboats, and jazz piano.

Philosophy. Let's use cryptography and political code to build systems beneficial to all and owned by no one. Genuine relationships, valuable ideas, and skills can grow in a digital anarchy where people are valued more than transactional exchanges. I dislike authority and discrimination. I believe in a decentralized internet, where everyday people are empowered to communicate with privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom of information, while demanding transparency from large organizations. I support Signal, Tor, and pirate-friendly copyright reform. I publish papers under Creative Commons and code under GPL or MIT.

Research interests. My research interests are blockchains, consensus protocols, proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, superlight clients, cross-chain interoperability, and blockchain ethics. I'm working on a blockchain course.

Vitae. I hold a PhD in cryptography from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Athens where I was advised by Aggelos Kiayias. I hold a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. In the past, I worked at Google's Incident Response Security team in Zürich, Twitter's Product Security team in San Francisco where I conducted research on encryption/compression composition, IOHK where we built the Cardano proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, OpenBazaar, and as a software engineer at deviantART. I do blockchain consulting with Common Prefix and am a governor at the Research DAO.

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